Verilog generator for RNS-based multi-bit multipliers

Choose number of bits for multiplier inputs (from 3 to 64):
Selected number of bits: 3 (Maximal output value: 64)
Value of power n for basis {2n-1, 2n, 2n+1}: 3 (Maximal value: 504)
Basis {2^n-1, 2^n, 2^n+1}: {23-1, 23, 23+1} or [7, 8, 9]

Description: Generator of conventional binary multiplier, where input operands have n bit length and output has 2*n bit length. Multiplication is based on RNS arithmetic and special set of moduli {2^n-1, 2^n, 2^n+1} forming 3 parallel channels.

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